5 Common Furnace Repairs for Napa Homeowners


5 Common Furnace Repairs for Napa Homeowners

Worried about keeping your home nice and warm during the winter months? Then you should be interested in learning about furnace repair and how your home heating system works. Knowing how your furnace works can help you to determine the problems it is having. With the right tools and knowledge, you should be able to figure out the majority of common furnace heating issues that homeowners come across. This will end up saving you time and money or from having to overpay an HVAC professional for your furnace repair service. Of course, we recommend seeking assistance from an HVAC technician if you are unable or unsure how to fix it yourself.


If your home isn’t as warm as you would like for it to be and your heater is turned all the way up, then it could be caused by several factors, including:


  • Clogged Air Filter
  • Bad Blower Wheel or Motor
  • Bad Hot Surface Ignitor or Spark Ignitor
  • Bad Thermostat or Set to Wrong Temperature
  • Faulty Circuit Control Board


Anytime you are having issues with your furnace, you should try to pinpoint where the problem is coming from. An example would be when your heater refuses to turn on. In this scenario, you would first check to make sure that the switch isn’t powered off. That switch is usually mounted right on the furnace and looks like a light switch. If that is on, you can then proceed to the control panel to see if the breaker tripped. This happens quite often during thunderstorms and power outages. If everything is set to “on”, you can try checking the fuse box to see if there are any burnt fuses. Replace any that you find.

Other problems that could be causing your heater to not run are an overloaded motor and insufficient gas. If your heater operates on gas, make sure that the gas valve is completely open. If your blower motor overload, then you will need a new blower motor and we recommend you calling a trained heating and cooling.


Regardless of your situation you should keep the components in your furnace cleaned, including the filter, blower and burners. If you do decide to hire an Napa heating and air conditioning contractor, make sure that he or she is licensed, bonded and insured with your state. Try to learn all you can about your furnace, so that you’re able to make better decisions and avoid paying too much for your next furnace repair.