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Air Conditioning Repair in Napa, CA.

AC Repair Napa, CA. – 5 Things To Keep in Mind

It is not an easy task to fix an air conditioning unit; otherwise, there would never be any need for the certified air conditioning repair technicians. Nonetheless, motivated by either a sense of challenge or need to save money, some people take it upon themselves and try to fix their air conditioning unit. For some, you might get lucky, but for most, it is a recipe for disaster.  Take a look at a few risks you are taking when you attempt your own air conditioning repair:

  1.  Identifying the right problem – sometimes, it is challenging even for the certified and experienced technician to identify the exact problem of a malfunctioning or broken down air conditioning unit. Most HVAC consumers get their information from a manual or from the Web. Both sources are open for interpretation and it takes quite some experience to ensure that you understand the exact nature of the problem.

Here are 3 common air conditioning repair issues:

  1. Low on Refrigerant (need to find leak in AC system and repair)
  2. Bad Compressor (caused by dirty coils or low on refrigerant)
  3. Bad Blower Motor (caused by dirty indoor evaporator coil or clogged air filter)
  1. Reassembling the unit – assuming that you do have a fair idea of what must have gone wrong with your unit and you are able to open it up and fix it. There is a good chance that you might not be able to put it together in the right manner causing it to develop further (often more serious) malfunctioning. If that happens, you would have to still call the air conditioning repair Napa, CA. technician which would mean that you would still have to pay for the damage in spite of your best efforts.
  1. Do you have the right replacement part – with the extreme competitiveness in the market, there are many duplicate companies which advertise and sell air conditioning unit parts. Are you totally positive that the parts you purchased are the right ones – best ones – for the repairs of your unit. Using inferior or duplicate parts can damage your air conditioner further.
  1. Do you know what type of maintenance is required – there is more to it than just repairs – even if it is assumed that you do a good job at identifying what is wrong and repairing it. You need to know what and when it needs to be maintained to ensure optimum performance and long life for your unit.
  1. There is no guarantee – when you use the services of any air conditioning repair contractor, it’s essential to get a written guarantee for their AC repair work. In other words, if the unit malfunctions again, the contractors are bound to return and fix the problem again and ensure that it is correctly done. When you do it yourself, you would be left with no other choice, but to start again; more money spent, more effort – and even then you cannot be sure of the outcome.

Isn’t it better to just call the air conditioning repair Napa technician and let him do his job?